[The Daily Nonsense]

The nonsense which follows is a Markov Chain based upon patterns in some pieces of English text. Word-Unit Nonsense uses patterns about words that tend to follow one another. Character-Unit Nonsense uses letters.

Word-Unit Nonsense

I saw Con Air in Berkeley tonight, and it felt like I had. I tried to get Perforce, a revision control system, working under Linux. I failed. It's trying to make sure that you put the chloroform down _before_ you start spinning around.

I might never know about. There might be a case of Britain's trouble than India's trouble.

A legion of Indian grad students are teaching assistants in our nation's universities.

And I do in person. John says less in mail than he does in person. And he managed to spot our group and joined up. Lucky, perceptive man.

The volleyball was flat. Even in the park, it was too windy for frisbee. So we could have announced a customer for it, but that's not much sleep for me. If whoever is doing the renting could use another pack mule, I'm probably available.

Ginger snaps. Biscotti.

I think he was there for a while, blinking, looking in the window, wondering what had happened to me--had there been anything anyone had said or done that made me appreciate my tapes all the more. I mean, I ain't expecting it to moonlight during various stages of the organ of common-sense, his colleagues resolved that whenever they should adjourn because they were tired, it should be magical when that light reflected off other surfaces was not. That part was still a little rough around the boat, we had got along okay without Tim. No doubt people had got along okay without Tim. No doubt people had even more useful ideas.

The most powerful force in the universe, and mankind knew how to make nuclear-powered, steam-powered, electric aircraft.

Of course, Bill didn't tell anyone about that particular hypothesis. General Maitland, the head of the lab, was anxious enough about this experiment and didn't need any more reasons to think about real life.

AN Officer of the barrier and untangling the video cable took a good idea and how I know, I've just got another call about you from a quick description in a different, more contemplative way.

Bill was working on Linux support. I could be wrong.

Point of opinion: If we must bomb someone, I'd rather pick on someone who can't bomb back. I mean, duh.

Just so long as he should bring up specific questions via mail. Wow.

You can walk around all day with my mandibular muscles to arrange lockjaw of indeterminate duration. Faced with this rebellion, I have no big plans, but I knew that only meant he was inoffensive and well-mannered.

He wasn't the best clubbing opportunity you're gonna get the scanner working with my PC, or can I borrow some scanner time from someone? I wanna scan some Seattle photos. If I were to get used to make me wish that my contempt for the shows these nights? Or is he going to fool anyone if you can't figure out where to find some global settings files and the Fabulous Hedgehogs appearing at Jupiter, maybe I'll be able to think again.

Character-Unit Nonsense

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About This Page

This page's text changes daily. Read it every day.

The algorithm is from a (1983/11) Scientific American article: "Computer Recreations: A progress report on the fine art of turning literature into drivel" by Brian Hayes. That article was inspired by Scientific and engineering problem-solving with the computer by William R. Bennett, Jr. Bennett traced discussion of randomly generated text to a 1927 statement by Sir Arthur Eddington:

If an army of monkeys were strumming on typewriters they might write all the books in the British Museum

(the same quote which led to the Infinite-Monkey Theorem).

Disclaimer: The text above may contain fragments of copyrighted works; I use text from such works as fodder for figuring out the patterns used to generate the random text.

Pages of Interest: For custom-generated Markov Text, visit The Shannonizer. Jamie Zawinski Markovly scrambles his writings on demand, and provides source for his scrambler. There is at least one Computer-Generated Writing page, which contains links to various pages containing such Writing and programs to generate it. hahaha.org hosted this page before I had a website; they rule.

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