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The 2-Tone Game as an Overnight Game, sorta


GC Summit 2011 Feb 12 :: Larry Hosken


2-Tone Game

But Self-Paced

You can play it whenever you like.

It's a web app that checks answers and doles out hints. It's easy to leave it running. So it runs 24x7.

Teams: Play when you like, as fast as you like.


Overnight Game?

Folks miss the overnight games.
How busy was the 2-Tone Game at 3am?

What time of day did folks interact?
Mostly 10-10.
Some braved the "stupid hours"

05:?? xx
06:?? xxxxxxx
07:?? xxxxxxxx
08:?? xxxxxxxxx
09:?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
10:?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
11:?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
12:?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
13:?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
14:?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
15:?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
16:?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
17:?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
18:?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
19:?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
20:?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
21:?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
22:?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
23:?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
00:?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
01:?? xxxxxxxx
02:?? xxxxxxx
03:?? xxxxxxxxx
04:?? xxxxx

Here, we look at some teams. Each row is an hour of the day, each column is a team. To me, this looks like a big noisy mess. I was hoping to see patterns like "oh, some teams like the morning, some like the evening."

06:??                x                                                   
07:??                              x    x         x         x            
08:??                   x          x    x  x                             
09:??              x    x       x  x  x  x x        xx   x        x      
10:??     x x  x xx     x             x  xx x  x   xx       x     x  x x 
11:??   x x x  xxxxx    x xx x  x xxxxxx xx x  x    x      xx  xx     xx 
12:??           x         x  x xxxx xxxxxxxxx  x   xx     xx      x  x xx
13:?? x     x x x      x xxx xxxx xxxxxx x  xxxxx  x   xx xxx x  x  x xxx
14:??  xx     xx      xxx       xxx    xxxxxxxxxxx x   xx  x xxxxxxxxx  x
15:??    x xx  x    x xxx  x   x  xxxxx x  xxxx xxx  x  x  xx xxxxxxx xxx
16:??      x x   xx   x   xxx    xx xxx x  x xx xxxx     x xx x  x xxxxxx
17:??        x   xxx xx  xxxx  x    x  x   x xxxxxxx   x x  xxxxxx x xx x
18:??      x x  x    x      xxx  x      x   x  x x x xxxxxx xxxxxxxx    x
19:??    x         xxx   x   x x             xx xx  xxxx  x  xxx  xx x  x
20:??                  x x    x xx x x            x xxx   x  x  x   xxxx 
21:??     x                            x xx         xx xx      xx x   xxx
22:??                       x x           x       x   x xxx        xxx x 
23:??         x     x                                 x  x x x   x  x x  
00:?? x             x        x   x                                       
01:?? x                                                               x  
02:??                             x                                  xx  
03:??  x                                          x                      
04:??  x                                                                 

Does that mean we only like afternoon games now? Nah.

It was a short game; some teams stopped at 10pm because they, you know, finished the game at 10pm.

Some of these puzzles are darned tough at night.


How Leisurely was this SF Game?

If it's not a race, if the game doesn't shut down at 10... do you keep playing?

~half of teams
took < a day.

~1/3 of teams
took a week or more.

Of teams that have made it ~2/3 of the way through, how long did they take? Here's typical times that shows the distribution:

 6 hours
 8 hours
 9 hours
11 hours
16 hours
 2 days
 7 days
12 days
21 days
 6 months

Mmmmaybe the difference between 8 hours and 12 hours reflects ability.

But the difference between 8 hours and 8 days reflects something else.

Most of us get a rush from the hectic pace. But some want to take it easy. Maybe get some shuteye. Maybe take a weekend away from the game. Maybe a few weekends.

So What?

One player left this message:

first puzzle hunt i've actually been able to take a part in- thanks for making this open to those stuck in snow!

For the slow folks who don't play your game on the "day of", when you post questions and answers: maybe your answers could be less spoiler-y. By which I mean: Hey, stop putting the answer on top of the solution. Have the solution start w/how to solve the "first layer".

Thank you!