I rough-drafted dozens of puzzles for the Telegraph Hill Hunt BANG puzzle hunt. Only a few of those made it into the actual hunt. Here's one that didn't make it which I especially liked. Teams would have picked it up in Gerke Alley. (For those of you who played in this hunt, beware: this puzzle's answer does not fit the constraints of the actual hunt's meta.)

Gerke Alley

Welcome to Gerke Alley! That's "Gerke". Though this puzzle might all look like Greek to you, Gerke is known for something else.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


To solve this puzzle, teams would need some unusual information on their codesheet. It's shown in black-on-black text below. When you're ready, highlight it to read it.
International Morse Code
Å .--.-
Ć -.-..
đ ..-..
è .-..-
ĥ ----
Ñ --.--
ś ...-...
Ü ..--
ż --..-