2 Tone Game: Credits

First Draft

Larry Hosken wrote the first draft and organized the playtests.

Later Drafts

Playtesters did a lot for this game! Some of these puzzles are the results of awesome playtester rewrites. Every puzzle has at least one playtester-inspired change.

December 2009: The unexpected Holiday Playtest Bunch: Bryan Clair, Benjamin Clair, more Clairs: Elissa, Rebecca, Michelle, Evelyn, Dick. Dave Moulton, Vince Moulton.

February 2010: From Team Longshots: Chris Roat, Bob Schaffer, and Sue Wang. A seemingly random (but actually ordered) gaggle of grad students: Sarah Houts, Noël Bakhtian, Peter Kimball, Roland Burton.

March 2010: From The Inner Loop, Girts Folkmanis and Heather Yager. Team Octopus to the People: Niniane Wang, Charles Martin, Phil Zigoris.

Eagle-eyed spotters Wei-Hwa Huang caught some out-of-order blanks (a neat trick). Corby Anderson discovered the recent absence of a sea.

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