Progress--Inch by Inch!

Once I had a little pet worm. He was an inch-worm, and I was very fond of him. He was cute, and it was fun to watch him inching his way down my shirtsleeve, or even across the breakfast table. In order to keep him green and happy, I let him sleep each night curled up in a fresh lettuce leaf. He was so fast at doubling himself up and thrusting forward that I named him "Motor."

Everywhere we went, friends admired "Motor." Can you picture him inching his way around and around the rim of a glass at the table, or in a bar? We went every place together and became almost inseparable.

One day we went to the Safeway for groceries, and somehow, between the shelves of packagerd cookies, the dairy department and the produce section, "Motor" disappeared. I was really "shook"! The Marina Safeway in San Francisco is an enormous place, although I retraced my footsteps, I could find no sign of "Motor". I was desperate! The checker said she'd tell the manager, and in case my little pet showed up, they would call me. What more could I do?

I went home, finally, as sad as can be. But life must go on. The next day I was still feeling blue when I bit into a fresh, crisp, red apple. What do you know? Out ?o?ed "Motor"!

Curtiss H. Anderson