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Most pages of this documentation set have green triangles at the top and bottom of the page. These are links to other pages.

Up to the top of the GEOS SDK Documentation

Up to this page's "parent"--the section that includes this subsection, the chapter that includes this section, or the top of the GEOS SDK Documenation.

Down to this page's first "child"--the first section in this chapter or the first subsection of this section

Next links sideways to this page's next "sibling"--the next subsection within the same section or the next section within the same chapter. If there is no next "sibling" but there are more pages in the chapter, this triangle will still appear, but at a slight angle: 

Previous, like , but links to the previous "sibling".

Index links--you'll see these triangles in the index. Some index entries which have more than one triangle, such as

Files x x

In this case, each of the triangles links to a different place in the documentation. Try each one to find out which one you want.

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