Daily Nonsense

The nonsense which follows is a Markov Chain; it follows the patterns of English text, but makes no sense. This page changes daily. Read it daily.


By Karenna Gore

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates annual net immigration--legal and illegal--of 820,000, with the large majority being Hispanic population was ordered to leave it in for X minutes. But it smelled so bad that I ended up seeing the fight at the bar--I guess seeing somebody diced like that does tend to stick in your memory."

Arty whistled and followed him. The boy bowed deeply. .I came to apologize..

Xivodo did the toe scuffing thing again, almost absently. .I.... he swallowed again.

The shout came from around the fallen trees, pushing creepers and roots and boil huge pots of water. It would sort itself out of the great city Drexacha. Here the cobblestone streets had given him that sword the day after they had signed the official language of the United Kingdom. It was founded in an amazing number of blisters on his hands.

"What are they attacking?" he asked.

"Sure, the new 6004T series have all the fancy extras," said NumNut. He began to tap buttons frantically, and Lurk recoiled, startled. Shagpyle Duphus turned and marched stiffly back towards the meadow remained, unfaltering before the 'bot lay, struggling in Nevaya.s grasp, though he had never seen a formal contractors) had keys to the house and dragged Nevaya bodily to his feet, and grabbing another chipset. I really am.

The show was indeed fun, as was the dinner.

When I hear "Christmas in Hawai'i", I start thinking about this," said Jenkins, "I can't be sure, but a dance nonetheless..

The large eyes blinked, and refocussed on the herd of goats and the bugs proliferate. Got to get some better packaging. Yeah, that's how I read it." He pointed at the floor for a while. "Okay," he said.

He was addressing the ground."

"But who would attack a Yahoo crawler," he reported.

Mal was rapidly losing what little shadows there were no windows to let in the moonlight or even a breeze. He tossed and turned to the 'off' position, it had a green light beside it, and then Madrul could do.

The man went on before Drademar.

.You do not know, Nevaya, but at Wronsteit flicked each one away as if it were about to devour him.

The moon had risen and in its wake the meadow before continuing to shape it. Though Drademar acted as if he were to find his bed mat, pulled the length of its handle, an armoured Troopers. "Standard sweep formation, men, ten yard spread. Keep your speed to a minimum, and your scanners to a maximum. We want to find the only storage devices they located were a couple of quick scripts to clean up the worst of the glitches and give us something very slightly odd about him, but it was still warm.

"Quickly," said Bent.

"Comments," muttered Mal. "This was just supposed to hold enough value for him to breath. He lay gasping and puffing, binoculars from Bent and squinted through that glittering darkly. .I command you to draw your blade is drawn..

.Yes, Master..

Wronsteit did not waste another moment he was almost too much for the comm-link, "but I believe you,. said someone.s voice right by his elbow and asked him what was wrong. He rubbed his chin a bit proudly. .He attacked you, Master..

The algorithm is from a (1983/11) Scientific American article: "Computer Recreations: A progress report on the fine art of turning literature into drivel" by Brian Hayes. That article was inspired by Scientific and engineering problem-solving with the computer by William R. Bennett, Jr. You might also like dadadodo and/or AI Weirdness.