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The nonsense which follows is a Markov Chain based upon patterns in some pieces of English text. Word-Unit Nonsense uses patterns about words that tend to follow one another. Character-Unit Nonsense uses letters.

Word-Unit Nonsense

The conversation in the land!

Oh, let us be married; too long we have tarried: But what shall we do for love. Love conquers all. All you can't be serious!"

"No, I guess you could say quit clear enough, but could never have discovered for myself. I hastily surveyed my surroundings, and saw that it wore a sardonic, sinister smile--a smile which, it struck him, was virtually tantamount to a leer.

I see Shortly, a diver. (He help me in not just talking. If you are warned. I have been in touch with some old friends house. XXIII was there with him till the sun rose in the family seemed to be doing a fine job, I volunteered to take the blows of her larger opponent. Each peg she suffered brought a stab of pain to Vikta's heart. It was just not cooperating in anything though. She was even thinking of taking another trip to the rock. He was, in fact, here as a hummer or a novel. Well, a bit frantic and that the adventures of his fourth voyage had pleased them better than the first. He would not only produce his share of Pete's salary before he gets in the flow

You know what you are still a measly six thousand words would have sufficed. Never mind that I am sure many of you big city types think you are the new and improved approved. Jet Set.

Approved for the discovery of untold pirate wealth.


Approved. Now there is a tail to wag. Wisdom in life is maintained, filled with treasures as yet untold by the uneasy motion of the rudder. Two masts. One small.

Hey yawl, what's cooking? Yawl.

What sorts of characters? An what of fair use. Could some reviewer somewhere ruin the punch line for you. Here is one such story from the looks of things, he was posted to the people who had assured corporate that GCOS was a small piece of driftwood down the island's blue holes, and on what numbers to buy and box and on The Wabash Cannon Ball, Felina had started trying to find our slip in the fog--it cut visibility down to the dock, but since we hadn't managed to work for the month, and for the return to cover as soon as the most difficult stretch yet. I am sorry sir, you are suffering from high opacity syndrome or as we in the cellar. Seated on wine casks. Some wine stains still drying. Some hundreds of years ago.

OK, so forgive me if I do say so myself.

I swear to god this really happened to me that I believe sets it free in a violent effort he contorted his features into a couple of Big, Fat Yeast Rolls were deposited in my pants...on the inside...with no ready exit at the end of the beginning or the main point. They could not take a walk, get out and about. We were _all_ totally exhausted, for various and sundry reasons, you may not be broken today.

So, what about the rest?

No, no! I would never go pegging again. But he could wipe out the line to dry. (Cue laughter from the physics department.)

Character-Unit Nonsense

It's early morning, and the smell of cheap aftershave. Not a beautiful blond(e) member of the rare TNG episode to keep the density of kids down a small barn for a nonexistent goat. That cornfield, which is how I like it. Any place, even this rotting patiently to see the holocaust through the haze. As we approached Ventura fills up during this process. Though hardly uplifting. The world around my fork. 'Rayne teasingly pointed out, threatening to strangle the lines was no way I was going to free the rope, and she was a soft collapse; no riots and barricades in the food which spawned the rudder all the way over. Jessica went under again, and drift away on a nice wide highway to bask on like a completely glance off the back of my shirt with droplets of liquid shit. All while thick shit was spread out that I will try to reconstructed with beer, wispy blond hair and a smug grin and the smell of cheap aftershave. Not a beautiful. Hard not to scratch. It's very hard for me to slip off this system is based on the boat to call up hotels--her credit card perhaps? I forget.

Anyhow, though I could find it. It was closed, and so the diviners of old and survive today you have to be worth over ten million asphalt jokes. New Jersey. But, seeing it now, I can taste their (and our) time with a high-pressure upward was so intense, that I strongly recommend eating dinner at Lyon's Steak House. They have pursued this elsewhere, though they were deposited in my pants which were now pulled down to a point just midway between two major Microsoft competitors. How '80s. I suppose expecting Geoworks Berkeley, sure to be thrown out.

Plus, any excuse to take the previously I would not have been there. Hil looked alike. I asked her, I'm sure she had no strength

About This Page

This page's text changes daily. Read it every day.

The algorithm is from a (1983/11) Scientific American article: "Computer Recreations: A progress report on the fine art of turning literature into drivel" by Brian Hayes. That article was inspired by Scientific and engineering problem-solving with the computer by William R. Bennett, Jr. Bennett traced discussion of randomly generated text to a 1927 statement by Sir Arthur Eddington:

If an army of monkeys were strumming on typewriters they might write all the books in the British Museum

(the same quote which led to the Infinite-Monkey Theorem).

Disclaimer: The text above may contain fragments of copyrighted works; I use text from such works as fodder for figuring out the patterns used to generate the random text.

Pages of Interest: For custom-generated Markov Text, visit The Shannonizer. Jamie Zawinski Markovly scrambles his writings on demand, and provides source for his scrambler. There is at least one Computer-Generated Writing page, which contains links to various pages containing such Writing and programs to generate it. hahaha.org hosted this page before I had a website; they rule.

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