Daily Nonsense

The nonsense which follows is a Markov Chain; it follows the patterns of English text, but makes no sense. This page changes daily. Read it daily.

The Clintons and the Mob

The Laborers' union, is a wealthy man thanks in part to real-estate dealings with their free time. Who do the latter name is used on some signs elsewhere on the system."

After all, the House already used its powers over the Agriculture committees to stymie or at least want to seem to be your enemies; however, be intransigent when it is a question of wether or not GW want's to continue all you have to do is to lean back and to let the expert on the brain illness.

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One each. I couldn't report on anything about him which had made me value him, wish for his company over years. He was unpolished and short-tempered, he did not like people in the hangar, there was a canal full of garbage, from which rats were coming out all the time. For several days, we had slept on bare concrete; later we were given water when they consider unwholesome, then another. They will have access to their partners "buildings", and "resources" that they needed and held things, ran the water into the sink for Edward when he called and almost non-stop shopping. Beyond, in the New Territories, are a mixture of high-rise suburban towns, ancient sites and walled villages, country parks, and farms with ducks and fish ponds. Hong Kong has two major racetracks as well as the Irish crafts and souvenirs you expect. And while multinational chains have dropped drastically. Monday, markets in Tokyo, London, and I was lost. At the same time/place soon. One of these succeeded.

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The algorithm is from a (1983/11) Scientific American article: "Computer Recreations: A progress report on the fine art of turning literature into drivel" by Brian Hayes. That article was inspired by Scientific and engineering problem-solving with the computer by William R. Bennett, Jr. You might also like dadadodo and/or AI Weirdness.