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The nonsense which follows is a Markov Chain based upon patterns in some pieces of English text. Word-Unit Nonsense uses patterns about words that tend to follow one another. Character-Unit Nonsense uses letters.

Word-Unit Nonsense

This means more than $1 million.

Visa, the world's largest credit card company, is preparing to clone itself, calving like some high-tech socioeconomic iceberg? Yes, here it is, the first modern city-state to fully take advantage of the knowledge they've picked up to keep their own sexual identity, this line was really charged with meaning, especially when delivered by Asia.

You could tell that this wasn't going to dinner on Valentine's day. She told Paul that she couldn't go with some other clothes.

I have no weapon on me and told him about my ideas in AI. They basically made the error of sucking on an enormous chewable vitamin C tablet. It actually tasted rather nice, in a fuddle. They can't see the ET easily moving to a halt at the stroke of midnight when the computers shut down simultaneously and without warning. New Zealand Aluminium Smelters' general manager David Brewer said the cause was difficult to trace and it was ported over from other operating systems. A program called Ofis Spreadsheet is an intellectual exercise. Asia says "I'm not even blink an eye in sorrow, not even blink an eye when her husband back in Arizona.

One of the Hungry Ghosts on a problem (Y2K, which is which without listening to them all in turn - which means, in all likelihood, that many of them had heard what was going on. His finger shot upwards.

Whatever it was raced across the sky in much the same street as a mosque. Not least of all, it makes straight up its mercenary ass. HP just created a powerful incentive for a wonderful and exciting people to see to find Daz on store shelves.

Many such customers, able to fly, right? The crowd didn't know me well, but who would have known that I was able to visit it, because I have no choice but to see them, you need to defend this process, and we have decidedly never been performing properly. Properly functioning PM systems can uncover flaws in the article, and indeed, one gets the feeling that Gibson is clutching at very insubstantial straws to try to find the elegant, spare plates of ­nouvelle cuisine, but there was a whole family that the others taken from the future! It's their second release on Touch and Go Ground Control worries that he is secretly under assignment by the local news will kick their ass. And because of that, there shouldn't be a bit too much about too-many-tourists. Anyhow.

Boo on tan Cadillacs. I can only hope they get parked outside.

Boo on tan Cadillacs. I can only remind Americans my age of America's most fulsome public sense of itself in the mid-1950s.

The only place they will accept credit cards with expiry dates reading '00'. Britain is believed to account for 1996 being a leap year. The computer was stolen out of the window again that they were waiting for me and my family. and I was out like a largish bath towel from Marks and Spencer.

The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the principal positions of government at federal and state level. They share a common ground between us if you will, a public forum where anybody can stand on one of the British Empire. Modern Singapore *was* - bits of the one based on 20000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Character-Unit Nonsense

Greetings from drizzly Sheffield. The city fills up for a couple of hours in a tropical-temperature greenhouse. There were exotic plants there--from California! Fortunately, there were also some tropical plants # there which I wasn't so familiar with. So now I'm in Exeter. There are lots of clever-looking young people around. I feel priveleged to be doing laundry in their town, priveleged I tell you. But I won't see a Star Wars movie surrounded by these British weirdos. How to avoid filling up your digital camera/Iomega whatever: before you go on your trip, go on the web. Notice what other people have taken pictures of. These people will be better photographers than you are. Maybe my vacation-held USnail will be at my local post office this afternoon. It's running out of excuses to dawdle. The only thing that could keep me away from picking up that mail is... if I get selected for a jury today. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. At least my ISP isn't totally shutting me out now as it was yesterday evening. Gripe, gripe, gripe. I got strawberries! I guess if you went to two shops, and only replace the things that they agree on... I guess that's what you're doing.

About This Page

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The algorithm is from a (1983/11) Scientific American article: "Computer Recreations: A progress report on the fine art of turning literature into drivel" by Brian Hayes. That article was inspired by Scientific and engineering problem-solving with the computer by William R. Bennett, Jr. Bennett traced discussion of randomly generated text to a 1927 statement by Sir Arthur Eddington:

If an army of monkeys were strumming on typewriters they might write all the books in the British Museum

(the same quote which led to the Infinite-Monkey Theorem).

Disclaimer: The text above may contain fragments of copyrighted works; I use text from such works as fodder for figuring out the patterns used to generate the random text.

Pages of Interest: For custom-generated Markov Text, visit The Shannonizer. Jamie Zawinski Markovly scrambles his writings on demand, and provides source for his scrambler. There is at least one Computer-Generated Writing page, which contains links to various pages containing such Writing and programs to generate it. hahaha.org hosted this page before I had a website; they rule.

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