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The nonsense which follows is a Markov Chain based upon patterns in some pieces of English text. Word-Unit Nonsense uses patterns about words that tend to follow one another. Character-Unit Nonsense uses letters.

Word-Unit Nonsense

Though the law does not really need to multiply or add three-dimensional matrices in the world will not devote itself to making you happy.

I want to do. Some are things that I want to be smeared with honey and applied; and with the early start. I'd figured it would take only an hour and forty-five minutes. And a lot more believable.

It was the paradox of him. He, so warm in spirit, was dominated by that cold and forbidding philosophy, materialistic monism. I used to refute him by telling him that I want to know why? Because he's the only person in the world had come to my rescue after I was a damned scoundrel. And then father was beaten. He met Wickson accidentally on the market place paused for just a second. An old lady wiped a tear from her cheek. Then they burst into applause, crying for more.

The man lifted the instrument out, glanced almost timidly around him, and that I had no idea Tracy felt that way about me! The room was silent for what seemed like an eternity. Then Sharon finally said something about how their own husbands and boyfriends totally ignore them every football Sunday too!

After everyone got through telling their horror stories, Tracy Ehrhardt, our interim supervisor suggested that we all had fun. His hospitality was choice! Thanks Mike.

All in all, a good day. Got some wheels, caught some rays, had some food, got a hold of for the first circuit breaker kicks in when and how to dispose of the sea along the jagged scratch down the wine coolers like there was no record on the books of the Sierra Mills did. That explained it all. There. I said it.

Class bespeaks an aristocracy unrelated to ancestors or money. Some extremely wealthy people have no direct effect on the second line of each sample seems rather remarkable at first glance. For example, the diagnosis of food allergy or another medical disorder.

Diagnosing a food allergy in infants is controversial. Some studies show the maternal diet during pregnancy has little influence on sensitization of the infant to foods. Sensitization of the most exciting advances in the hot tub. I headed over to do programs.

It is almost laughable now, when I RSVP'd No. I thought fast. Could I ever truly understand these dedicated photographers?

Over the weekend, you could spend $0.50 and buy a newspaper with a little barbecue sauce.


Not that I'm saying I got so confused that I measured his immortality by the aearly papers of Nyquist and Hartley, throgh the more generally known work of Shannon. It is almost laughable now, when I was 13, I came into his stormy life, not as a new perturbing force, but as one that made toward peace and repose. I gave him rest- he who worked so hard for others, my dear, tired-eyed mortalist.

Character-Unit Nonsense

E.B. began. I mean, if not out of a smile in principle"; i.e., the world. I'm just trying the result with age and shortness of basophils and then the dice without wetsuits. Said that 10^36 years ago by Sir Arthur Eddington monkey got as far away into the spaces that broad-minded folks like junior high frequencies used to sixth order. At Jimmy, generators, certain work with a wieghting problem if we lived on the branch out in the heading food. Blood tests suggest common symptoms are found in a similar touristy guidebook left over a specific food to work, there, maybe they get an attempt to Japan for string of foods, it is tempted on the different rows of them are writing fourth or other case, and that reading mail. I decided to treat food enter body now, and Mike something, hives, eczema and high values. For example, person kayak, there a duck in the typewriters gave them, thought process is easier to higher statistical subroutines called "Chilled Water" and "sweat" should be avoid the gesornenplatz..." One should need any help out the Geoworks' bigger than food are not usually knocked a hole on his "Answer _should be homophones. GawdDAM, but he'll be homophones will be around with people speak Java than twice as frequencies used for a moment, and the only within 15 minute quantitative genius could keep our sail power, executing creative field of like parallel in return was discussing on correlation with this. Hey, watching human beings out four hours after eating true food that broccoli comes in London.

About This Page

This page's text changes daily. Read it every day.

The algorithm is from a (1983/11) Scientific American article: "Computer Recreations: A progress report on the fine art of turning literature into drivel" by Brian Hayes. That article was inspired by Scientific and engineering problem-solving with the computer by William R. Bennett, Jr. Bennett traced discussion of randomly generated text to a 1927 statement by Sir Arthur Eddington:

If an army of monkeys were strumming on typewriters they might write all the books in the British Museum

(the same quote which led to the Infinite-Monkey Theorem).

Disclaimer: The text above may contain fragments of copyrighted works; I use text from such works as fodder for figuring out the patterns used to generate the random text.

Pages of Interest: For custom-generated Markov Text, visit The Shannonizer. Jamie Zawinski Markovly scrambles his writings on demand, and provides source for his scrambler. There is at least one Computer-Generated Writing page, which contains links to various pages containing such Writing and programs to generate it. hahaha.org hosted this page before I had a website; they rule.

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