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The nonsense which follows is a Markov Chain based upon patterns in some pieces of English text. Word-Unit Nonsense uses patterns about words that tend to follow one another. Character-Unit Nonsense uses letters.

Word-Unit Nonsense

It was Monday, October 7, 1996, and I was thinking about when the suggestion was made. The cliffs were neither high nor sheer. the sandstone had worn the slippers to the graduation party. Inevitably, a drunken cadet not belonging to Fib's close circle of friends had chosen to heckle him about the gas. But that's another thing," said Quazont as he watched the Trooper miming something about having an urgent need to stretch its powercord across a place where they had been the first stage of my especially moochy roommates. It is guaranteed to keep unwanted mooches away or at least to scare the hell out of them. Notable local products missing from this sampling include BridgePort's Winter Brew, the Widmer Brothers' Winternacht, Nor'Wester's Winter Weizen, and Rogue Ales' always-terrifying Mogul Madness, none of us here."

"What if anybody comes?" said Seepy nervously.

"Lock the door," said Lurk.

"Oh crap," said Mal dismissively. "You've gotta do what a crazy psychopath he turned to leave.

"Sure," said Fokasha. "They'll learn."

"Maybe," said Quazont. He trailed his finger down the listing. "Team Buttercup." He tapped the control panel beneath the number, and the door to the side of the road and switched off the engine.

He ran out to meet her as the glistening silver ship settled down on the display.

He held his breath.

"Thank you, Captain," said Lord Vapour. "You may go."

"See you around, Joe," said Bahri. He tapped a button on his console and opened the main door for his money pouch, as Lurk turned away once more draped in his chest panel.

"Hello, and thank you for everything," she said.

After a moment, and then an attractor beam is confirmed by telemetry from Attractor Control; after the purchase, I had seen a much more impressive deer the day before as I walked in the first bend. That could be--embarrassing.

He heard footsteps approaching, and ducked back into her cell wistfully; it almost seemed safer to retreat into there and you are only considered a true fan if you think I'm good with it?" asked Lurk.

"So," said Bent, "it confirms what I already suspected. Hoped, even. You are my only hope!"

Lurk gazed in wonderment as she leaned forward to the last," he said, "except for that unfortunate foul stench you appear to be left alone. "Since when is being ugly a crime?" he asked.

"You said he was the conference room. _________________________________________________________________

The delicious smell of baking filled his nostrils. He sniffed, and followed by another round of truing. This cycle repeats itself until the wheel will confess to having landed "a little sideways." The owner of the revenue stream is the market move yesterday is basically a resurrection, from resurrection sense. What I'm looking at is the attorney-client privilege first appeared in Roman courts. It was James, a construction contractor doing a lot of great surrealism. Wonderful images. Some good funny moments. Ice-skating fu. Two breasts. Joe-Bob says check it out.

Character-Unit Nonsense

I just can't let this morning, I was in a story, but I was

still so fucking tired. And I was very clear. I spotted a shooting star. And the other way. His name was Christophe, I never got it quite right), and he was heading for Oban, just as the scattered farmhouses and the best of Lakelanders and visitors alike know exactly what Bramer was talking to various other person was naked, a clothed friend, or an indiscreet gawker). And everyone was back then. ?!? Are there some gangstas. Now there isn't a really great way to tell when these communities have been backed up. Argh... I refer to the satisfied customer. This is what some bike mechanic can quickly duck into and incoherently scream all of his frustration away. Which brings us back to sleep. During the captain, while I stoked in the valleys, swathes of forest, and rugged fells (highland plateaus or pastures) that surrounding land as well get off the cryptology book and started to tinker with a new Doom level on Ron's recently fixed computer scripts is a batch job. Now I know how there's always thought was to toss in an "ugly", but of course, no standard window glass bubble between my fingers.

Then I heard one really loud aircar-noise and thought, O jeez, someone's "high-end" pun. It was no big deal--that is not ugly. I thought it would feel more than work itself. Which doesn't sound like much fun to me, but I got to bed early to be ready

for early coffee today. I had a dream I was in the front yard of a home after sundown--if they're nude. Apparently, if you wear socks, you're safe from the jargon file, I see reference, and today many thousands of kilometers of public footpaths and bridle ways extend to almost every valley and bracken changes to a burnt umber, and they thought it was amusing to be shopping. Since I was going to be wearing anything. I mean, it didn't think

About This Page

This page's text changes daily. Read it every day.

The algorithm is from a (1983/11) Scientific American article: "Computer Recreations: A progress report on the fine art of turning literature into drivel" by Brian Hayes. That article was inspired by Scientific and engineering problem-solving with the computer by William R. Bennett, Jr. Bennett traced discussion of randomly generated text to a 1927 statement by Sir Arthur Eddington:

If an army of monkeys were strumming on typewriters they might write all the books in the British Museum

(the same quote which led to the Infinite-Monkey Theorem).

Disclaimer: The text above may contain fragments of copyrighted works; I use text from such works as fodder for figuring out the patterns used to generate the random text.

Pages of Interest: For custom-generated Markov Text, visit The Shannonizer. Jamie Zawinski Markovly scrambles his writings on demand, and provides source for his scrambler. There is at least one Computer-Generated Writing page, which contains links to various pages containing such Writing and programs to generate it. hahaha.org hosted this page before I had a website; they rule.

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