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I'm a technical writer. I understand that folks don't always appreciate technical documentation. Sometimes the docs are bad. Sometimes the docs are good…at bearing bad tidings. Tech writer Roz De La Torre talks about some review meetings with engineers about draft documents.

Them: "This is terrible. This is way too complicated"

Roz: "Is it wrong?"

Them: "No."

The book Confluence, Tech Comm, Chocolate is for, by, and about technical writers. It's about keeping documentation in a wiki. I didn't learn so much from that part; I've been keeping docs in wikis for several years now. But it was specifically about Confluence wiki, and I'd heard that it had a section on how Confluence's search computes relevance ranking. We use Confluence at work, so there were some things I wanted to know about; how to do "intranet SEO" was a big one. From that I learned… Confluence's search doesn't work the way I want it to. Findability isn't a big problem for us now; but it probably will be sometime in the next couple of years. And we might not have great tools to fix it then.

This is terrible.

By which I mean, "Thank you for the early warning."

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