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Book Report: Sailing a Serious Ocean

If you want to sail around the world and/or across big oceans, this book probably is a good introduction to how to think about planning, dealing with heavy weather, emergency boat repairs, etc. If you don't want to sail around the ocean, this book will remind you why. Things can go from calm to bad to worse pretty quickly. There are some scary storm stories which I was glad to read on dry land.

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Site: Uploaded Sailing Story When everything goes right on a sailing trip, there's usually not much to tell. Maybe you've read some of my "very boring sailing travelog"s. They're not so interesting; not much happens. Earlier t...

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Book Report: Cork Boat As an occasionally obnoxious person who tries to talk his friends into strange activities, I was glad to read the autobiography of an occasionally obnoxious person (John Pollack) who talks his friend...

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Current Events This is a blog; it is largely about books. Today the blogosphere is abuzz with news about a book: the new Harry Potter book is out. I spent the day sailing. Thus, I had a fun time with Piaw and Li...

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Book Report: Two Voyages to the South Seas As a French explorer, the great ship's captain and navigator Dumont d'Urville helped advance English colonization. D'Urville explored some uninhabited spot on Australia's Eastern coast. This told t...

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