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Book Report: Operation Mincemeat

It's about WWII spies. The central thread is a plot by English counterspies to fool the Nazis into thinking that the invasion of Sicily would actually be an invasion of Greece and Sardinia. It's a gruesome plot: dressing up a corpse as a military courier, planting forged documents on it, then dumping it into the Mediterranean so that it will wash up on shore and be discovered. Along the way, there's a submarine, a maze of bribery and corruption, and plenty to worry about.

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Book Report: Saturn's Children This sci-fi book, dedicated to Heinlein, features an android female sexbot who-- Hey, wait, come back! You're thinking that the book is going to be some awful misogynistic piece of crap. But it's n...

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Book Report: Happiness (Lessons from a New Science) Yesterday, I was walking in the Mission district and ran into Janak R. Janak just finished up an internship at my place of employment; soon he will go back to UCB. He asked, "Do you live around here...

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Book Report: Parallel Distributed Processing Based on the title, I hoped that this heavy two-volume set of books containing a number of articles would teach me a lot about how to write programs that run on several machines at once. After readi...

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Book Report: Against the Gods (the Remarkable Story of Risk) Last night, I went out to a musical performance dealie. It was TV on the Radio. I'd heard their most recent album, and it seemed OK but not great. But Rob Pfile wanted to go see the show. Rob has...

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