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Stayin' up late hearing about stayin' up late at Cafe Feenjon back in the 60s, listening to music.

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Attn: Friends of Tom Lester Tom et fam. are well, and I have photographic proof (Annie's well, too, but I didn't have my camera out at the right time to prove it. Anyhow.). If you'd like to visit with the twins, now's your big...

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Book Report: Too Cool To Be Forgotten In this comic book, our hero goes under hypnosis and dreams he's back in high school. He gets a chance to get things right. It's nice enough.Labels: comic, drama, when's nap time?...

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Book Report: Disgrace This past weekend I spent plenty of time in the company of BATH folks doing secret things. Normally I'd be bouncing up and down and eager to tell you about what happened, but... Actually, even if I ...

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