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Book Report: the Adventures of T and T

In this parable, two ostriches are illuminated through a series of spiritual experiences including visions, a glimpse of the afterlife, and miraculous teleportation.

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Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, even Chicago @rocketlass took some awesome photos of a puzzlehunt at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo which was maybe called "The Case of the Fabulous Fauna" or maybe that was just a clever name for the photo set. Don'...

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Book Report: Gaudy Century I'm taking the day off work today. It's the day after a Bay Area Night Game (a rather-fun instance thereof). It was one of those Bay Area Night Games that actually happens at night, and thus I was ...

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Book Report: Life of Pi I only made it about halfway through this book. I found it dull. I like reading books about animals. This book has some animals in it. But... maybe I'd rather read a book that's all about animals...

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Site Update: Shinteki Untamed with the Lester Tang Conjecture Uploaded a write-up of the Lester-Tang Conjecture's Experience at Shinteki Untamed. That is, I wrote about a puzzle hunt. It's a big week for puzzle hunts. There is gobs of new info at the Genome G...

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