Anecdotal Evidence: Brushes with Fame

I've seen some famous people in my day.

The Last Time I Saw Danielle
I'm still trying to figure out if this story is ghoulish. I saw Danielle Berry when she was in the hospital. Brian Moriarty was there, and he's famous, too.
If you can keep your head when everone around you is losing theirs, maybe you should look over your shoulder.
I've written some fan mail.
When I can't find any famous people in San Francisco, I have to look for them elsewhere.
Steve Purcell: I was working with a game company that hoped to make a game with Steve Purcell around his goofy characters Sam & Max. The game never came together. But I did get to sit in on a bunch of meetings with Mr. Purcell. He was funny. If you get a chance to listen in on Steve Purcell talking with Chuck Jordan, take that chance. No, I don't remember any of the funny things that he said.

Diane Feinstein: On an anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge, I and 50 bazillion other people stood on said bridge, wondering why it was so crowded. I was gently but firmly brushed aside by a flying phalanx of bodyguards and local politico Dianne Feinstein wafted past.

The Last Time I Saw Danielle[>>]

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