Lawrence Hosken: Anecdotal Evidence

I've done some things. Some things have happened to me. Sometimes I write down what happened. Here are some things that didn't involve travelling. (Travelling stories have their own page.)

Puzzle Hunts
I have done some things releated to clue-based treasure hunt games.
Brushes with Fame
I've encountered some famous people.
Stranger Encounters
I've encountered some non-famous people.
Scholarly Pursuits
Things I've done in my quest for higher learning.
Everything I know about elections, I learned from Pogo Possum comic books
For some reason, interesting things tend to happen when coffee is around. Or maybe I'm just more likeley to think they're interesting if I'm hopped up on caffeine.
Awkward Meals
I like to eat. It takes something special to make a meal awkward.
Cake Pan
A watershed moment
Kool Thing
Geeks at an art party: a snippet
Customer Feedback
I've been to a MicroSoft store
An experiment in intranet publishing
Theremin Party
I attended a party at which I was the most boring person.
"The police kicked in my door!" and other rental reports.
Two Grossnesses
For, by, and about the squeamish. Well, maybe not for the squeamish.
Tax Night '96
Watching the last-minute tax filers.
Back when going to live music shows was new and interesting, I wrote about it.
That Dye Job
I dyed my hair once.
Shopping Day
An unconnected ramble on rampant consumerism
Like Ninja Smoke Bombs
A programming note from the game "New Legends"
Running Tests
Another programming note from the game "New Legends"
The Wrong Dialog
Why I didn't write more dialog for "New Legends".