BANG 19: Photos:

Zombie Chess

My game-day task was to watch this puzzle: Zombie Chess at the Genetics and Plant Biology building on the U.C. Berkeley Campus. In general, if I had my hands free to take photos, that meant that there weren't any teams around for me to photograph. But I did scramble free a couple of times and snapped some photos.

[Photo: Zombie Chess: Code Yellow and XX-Rated] [Photo: Zombie Chess: Crowd Scene!] [Photo: Zombie Chess: Don't Look Up My Skirt Unless You Plan To Buy Me Things] [Photo: Zombie Chess: Eric Prestemon] [Photo: Zombie Chess: Talquin' Eds] [Photo: Zombie Chess: XX-Rated and Tag and Release]

Poetry Fans

I snapped some photos at the Addison Street Poetry Walk. These teams were such poetry lovers that they stayed out in the pouring rain to read the poetry on the sidewalk.

[Photo: Poetry Fans: Cocoa Puffs] [Photo: Poetry Fans: Cocoa Puffs] [Photo: Poetry Fans: Ne'erdowells] [Photo: Poetry Fans: Ne'erdowells]


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