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Larry Hosken


Howdy! You have reached the web site of Larry Hosken. There is a strange, straggly mix of things on this site. Here are links to some loose categories of thingies, plus links to some of the recently-added things in those categories. Enjoy!

Departures Travels:
Monterey 2018, Walking most of the way around the bay, DC 2016, Sunshine Coast of Canada, Austin TX, Walking most of the way around the bay with some interesting stops, Phoenix AZ, New York City and Long Island 2013, more.

Anecdotal Evidence These narratives aren't travel-related:
Mystery Hunt 2019, Mystery Hunt 2018, Hunt for Justice puzzlehunt notes, DASH 9 Photos, Puzzle Hunt ramblings, Poll Worker 2018, more.

Frivolity These are not narratives:
Troubador Tour Board (about), phraser, Cross, #Octothorpean, 2-Tone Game, more.

Self Aware About the author:
FAQ, resume, modeling career, more.

Links Links to friends

Manual Labors Examples of my technical writing.

AKA: lahosken lawrence hosken mr hosken mister hosken