Awkward Meals: Antsy

Excerpt from mail sent in March 2000:

So it's morning and I'm blearily approaching my kitchen with the intention of making breakfast. Only there are ants crawling on the kitchen table, so I'm wondering if I should clean up.

The kitchen table needed cleaning. There were a lot of crumbs on it. More importantly, there were some pie pans on it, pans that still contained some sweet, sticky pie filling.

But the ants weren't on any of those things.

The ants were crawling around on a plastic bag I'd left on the table. It was a bag from Fry's electronics. I'd long since extracted the goodies from the bag. But the ants were swarming over it. It was as if they could smell that there had once been something cool in the bag, and they were just trying to figure out where it had gone.

"Oh no," I thought, "Geek ants."

So I put the bag in the garbage, ants and all, and haven't been troubled since. I just hope that some more ants from that same colony don't come here and carry off my computer.

Stir Fry[>>]

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