Awkward Meals: Pork Industry Hall of Fame

Transcript of a phone conversation in 1999, as best I could reconstruct it from my notes.

LH Hello?

CC Hello, may I speak to Larry Hosken?

LH This is him.

CC This is Cindy Cunningham from the National Pork Producer's Council.

LH Oh! Hello.

CC How are you doing?

LH Okay, and yourself?

CC All right. Now you left a message saying that you were trying to get some information...

LH About the Pork Industry Hall of Fame, right.

CC What did you want to know?

LH Where is it? The Pork Industry Hall of Fame, I mean.

CC Well, it's not... You see... There's no... Not like the football or...

LH Ah.

CC You see, when someone's inducted into the Hall of Fame, they get a plaque, a plaque is hung up here in our headquarters.

LH Uh-huh.

CC That's the headquarters of the National Pork Producer's Council, here in Des Moines, Iowa.

LH Okay, so there's no, there's just...

CC Here in our headquarters.

LH Sounds like a good place for them. Heh.

CC Yes, heh.

LH Well, okay...

CC Was there anything else that you wanted to know? Anything about...

LH No, that was it. Thank you very much.

CC Well, thanks for calling.

LH Thank you.

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