Awkward Meals: Tough Bug

Excerpt from mail sent in 2000 about sugar and programming:

That bug was so tough to track down that I needed a roll of Shock Tarts, a brisk walk, half a roll of new "Chewy" Spree, about two minutes of muttered cursing, a pint of orange juice, a brief flirtation with a plan for taking up smoking, half a minute of fidgeting with a battery (size AA), a box of Junior Mints, five minutes of idle musing on possible future efforts on the "robo-chess" Java applet, and a cup of coffee.

When jam links, it echoes the link command. I'm not sure if it used to do that. Maybe it always does that. It looks funny now. Maybe it looks funny because it just now started doing that. Or maybe it's because I've had a lot of cheesecake, OJ, and shocktarts today and MY TEETH ARE TRYING TO CRAWL OUT OF MY JAW. ANYTHING ANYTHING TO ESCAPE.


Stir Fry[>>]

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