Politics: Goobs

Excerpt from mail sent in 1998

I'm disgusted with San Francisco's voters. I'm looking at the Goobernatorial Primary results. More than 5% of San Francisco voters voted for candidates who were the only candidates in their party--candidates guaranteed to make it to the final election.

If all those people had joined me in voting for Peron, we could have (not quite) beaten Lungren, and (not quite) sent a message to Sacramento about what San Francisco stands for. Well, we would have been within a percent.

And voters decided to move lots of Golden Gate Park parking spaces into a garage. Does this mean that tennis players are going to have to walk a quarter mile from this garage to the tennis courts? Wearing those dorky outfits? I don't want to have to see that. I really like the idea of keeping those outfits quarantined to the tennis area.

Oh well. Tyranny of the dumb-ass majority.

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