Scholarly Pursuits: Language Studies

Excerpt from mail sent in 1998:

There were two Germans behind me on the shuttle today. They spoke German at one another. I completely phased out their conversation, lost myself in the book; their conversation was completely incomprehensible, and as such was not at all distracting.

One of them sneezed. The other one said "gesundheit". Not the "gess-HUND-ite" that I tend to say. The stress was on different syllables, and not much emphasis on any syllable in particular. I tried to get my brain to lock hold of this pronounciation, to store it away for later use, but it slipped away.

Tuesday night was my Japanese final. That night, the A/C in the room wasn't working. I got kind of silly, wrote silly things in grammar I wasn't that sure of. Cute, but I think that most of that stuff was only funny to an overheated brain.

It will be nice to have my Tuesday nights back. School's out, school's out... uhm, I forget all the things we used to say when school got out.


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