Comment from John M. Axelsen 1999 May 20

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John M. Axelsen sent in this comment.

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From: John M. Axelsen
Date: 1999 May 20
Subj: ???

I spoke to you [Friday] about some work I have in Utah. I know that you said that you probably would not be interested, but possibly had some referrals. Like I said on the phone, if you refer someone to us, and we can get them hired, I can pay you up to $1500.00 bonus.

Please forward my contact information to anyone who you know that may be interested.


John M. Axelsen
Account Manager - CDI Information Services
525 E. 100 S. Suite 300
Salt Lake City, Utah 84102
ph 801-521-8621 fx 801-521-8611 tf 800-536-8624 WWW.CDICORP.COM

This headhunter called me after doing a web search for people who had worked on SDKs.