Comment from [Withheld (KL00)] 2000 Jan 02

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From: [Withheld (KL00)]
Date: 2000 Jan 02
Subj: Your Travelogues

Just read your Seattle sailing trip with your pals: it's amazing that there's poetry in rubber dinghys, undying love, and waves. Oops, " The African Queen" movie comes into mind. And those streams of consciousness: we hardly read someone else's these days, unless you believe in mind melds (Uggh. Frightening.). Perhaps a publisher might be interested in your stories? Who knows.They're funnier than Peter Mayles, who wrote his tales about life in Provence (which, only we francais-deprived folks, who read them, care).

This mail convinced me to read something by Peter Mayle about remodeling a house in Provence. I didn't like it.