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From: [Withheld (KL00)]
Date: 2000 Jan 28
Subj: FAve Reads

Your fave reads are quite an eclectic (hope the spelling is right) mix, quite masculine. Don't mean to genderize, but, my tastes are more emotional, more toward aethetics. Yep, more gal stuff. May be nauseating to some folks, but that's how we relax. The deepest thing I've ever read that combined beauty and emotion are those metaphysical poems by George Herbert, an Elizabethan scholar. But I'll look into your fave reads, and try to expand the mind. Thanks for being so open.

I've often thought of myself as having masculine reading habits. By that, I mean that while I'm reading I tend to scratch myself, grow whiskers, and chuckle over my ongoing oppression of women.