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From: Tracy Adams
Date: 2000 Apr 08
Subj: Philip and Alex's Gude to Web Publishing

I saw your review at Amazon for "Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing".

ArsDigita, Philip's company, is trying to grow big in 3 California offices: Berkeley, Palo Alto and Los Angeles.

Are you interested in checking us out?
We are building a huge open source toolkit that we hope to make a mark on the world, teach in each office and Universities like MIT, CalTech, Berkeley, and UCLA, and build great websites? We also have an association foundation ( and university ( We need smart people who would be excited about our goals. Do you know of anyone that would be a good fit?

We have some pretty nice recruiting incentives if you are willing to help us out down here. ($ and cars) You can find information Talking us up in the area and recruiting hints would be very appreciated.

Recruiting/boot camp events in Berkeley:
April 13th (Thursday) - Open House Dinner
April 15-16 - Weekend crash boot camp
April 10 - 3 Week Bootcamp (people may come to part)
April 20th (Thursday) - Open House Dinner
April 12-23 - Weekend crash boot camp

Sign ups are at: tp://

In any case, good luck with things and I'm glad you found the book useful. I hope you find our free software useful as well. We have lots more free information and tools available at and

Thank you,
Tracy Adams
VP Operations

PS - My name is mentioned twice in the book. Once for building the first version of ArsDigita Community System (we've come a long way since then) and again for converting Remind Me) Not quite as famous as Philip, but you did gloss over my name :)

Ms. Adams was impressively polite, wasn't she?