Comment from Querquemom 2000 Jun 21

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From: Querquemom
Date: 2000 Jun 21
Subj: forletta word

I was surfing the net when I came across your page, NM99 Part H. Imagine my surprise to find my daughter, Rhonda Forletta, mentioned in your narrative. You mentioned that you decided against asking her if she knew her name was a "forletta" word. That gave me cause to smile because people usually ask how to pronounce the name and we always say Forletta, like a four letter word. But at least you didn't sing "Help Me Rhonda" when you met her. That would have really made her day! (VBG). Anyway, I'm saving your page to show her next time she comes to visit Mom. Thanks for the smile.

Querquemom Forletta

People look at "Querquemom Forletta" and they ask how to pronounce the "Forletta" part? I think they'd have more trouble with "Querquemom."