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From: [Withheld (KL00)]
Date: 2000 Jul 26
Subj: Your trip in Japan

Wish you had more pictures with yourself in it. What is a scene without the protagonist in its midst? Anyway, just finished chapter one. Will read chapter two tomorrow.

If I'm in the picture, then who's taking the picture?

Next time, I'll travel with a photographer. Heck, I'll travel with an entourage. A translator, a paramedic, a navigator: these would all be useful.

Heck, if a photographer is taking my picture, then I really ought to bring along a make-up artist so that I look good for my photos. And a fashion buyer and a wardrobe consultant. And a body double for photos of me in dangerous situations.

I'll need a Chief of Staff to keep track of all these people and a travel director to get us booked into hotels and stuff.

This is getting very complicated. At this rate, I don't know when I'll next be able to travel.

When I pointed this out to my correspondent, I got the reply:

All you need to do is just ask any pretty girl passing by, or an obaasan, even grandpa ojiisan wouldn't mind helping a tall gaijin like you. It's just taking pics for crying out. You could have met a gorgeous gal and maybe have an onsen spa with her, grandpa or grandma thoroughly impressed, inviting you to their home for dinner when you spoke Japanese..toka, etc. Let me tell you something: years from now, looking at your old pics in retrospect, you'd think you look more handsome now than later when your laugh lines and girth are entrenched. But what's the point of telling, you'd just poke fun. Sigh, Zannen desu ne.

This points out an advantage of a lack of me-photos on the site. My readers assume that my girth is not already entrenched. But I've always been a good trencherman, and entrenched it is.