Comment from My Mom 2000 Jul 27

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My Mom sent in this comment.

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From: My Mom
Date: 2000 Jul 27
Subj: travelogue

I was surprised it got on so fast after the scanning. I have read up thru #12 and enjoying it. Skipped stuff about ships.

Hey, it's email from my mom!

I was curious about the book The N.Y. Mining Disaster. The print gets darker after it is on the monitor for awhile. Who is the Sam re Sam's birthday?

"N.Y. Mining Disaster" was a short story in a magazine. When I mentioned "Sam," I was talking about Morgan's son.

A perhaps typo: Sister city Hamburg vs Hanburg? Just to show I have a bit of possible anne f. in me too. But not much.

Thanks to my mom's sharp eyes, this typo has since been fixed.

The water fountain incident got me laughing to make up for the restrained children. I love the non happening that resulted from your having the compass. Do you have a tiny one like Br[y]an?

She means a tiny compass.

The lunch went pretty well, but I need to figure out a more elegant way to do coffee. That yellow enamel pot isn't terribly attractive. But more to the point, I want to do all the pouring ahead of time, so I can stop being in the kitchen for so long. I will start asking around for suggestions. I guess you guys use a Mr. Coffee at work?

I was using a Mr Coffee at work.

Elegance suggestions welcome. Love, your m