Comment from Paul Du Bois 2000 Sep 13

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Paul Du Bois sent in this comment.

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From: Paul Du Bois
Date: 2000 Sep 13
Subj: ice caves, edmonds

a new friend of mine did some mild web-stalking on me and said she found pictures i had taken. Something about ice caves. I said yup, sounds like me all right and checked it out. I'd forgotten you'd scanned those in! They look better than I remember.

Thank you for serving as a backup memory system. I'd forgotten about much of that trip.

To repay your kindness I will point out a possible error in your text. I've heard writers like that a lot. Kyle Baker says so at the back of Why I Hate Saturn.

> this end of Queen Anne Street was full of sitdowny restaurants
> whose clientele looked to care more about fashion than palette.

Palate? Or perhaps this was a subtle comment on a hip new fashion trend of focusing on form to the exclusion of chroma?