Comment from Paul Du Bois 2000 Sep 13

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From: Paul Du Bois
Date: 2000 Sep 13
Subj: another travelogue note

apropos of not much

You visited Juarez. When we lived in the Marin house you listened to Tori Amos. Every now and then I kick myself for missing the concert you invited me to. But that's a sidetrack issue.

Her most recent album has a song called Juarez, which piqued my interest enough to google around (not that that takes very much these days). It's apparently an infamous place. A lot of murders took place there (take place there?).

This is all hard to tell from the song. The song is spooky but also very abstract.

I think Johnny Cash sang a song about a murderer who flees to Juarez.


PS re: travelogue Among the Yanks part 0 and my comment (of Kelly) "No, there's just the one." It actually turns out there are so many of them in my college chum peer group that they are numbered.

The Kelly I was meeting is Kelly #3. #1 is Bret's now-wife. #2 is an ex-girlfriend of Bret's. I forget who #4 is.

PPS Have you been to Vik's yet? It's just down the street from you guys, on Allston. Allston and 6th street. Drag some of your lazy car-driving coworkers out there one day and give me a call beforehand. It's closed mondays. They have good samosas which are entirely too big to be finished by one person. They have odd things called puri which aren't puri like you get at pasand. They're like big, flat rice crispies. They sell a beverage called "cold coffee".

Yum. I think I'll go tomorrow.

I have since been to Vik's.