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From: [Witheld (IP00)]
Date: 2000 Oct 30
Subj: Re: What can be done?

Mostly this correspondent was writing in response to my whining about her site.

>> ..."WHat's New" ...longest link
> And it's not even new anymore.

--I know. It's been all I can do to keep up with the daily updates, though there are larger updates waiting in the wings.

> Possible
> re-wordings:
> "News"
> "Announced"
> "IP News"

--Thank you, I may consider one of those.
Then again, if I ever give IP the beauty makeover I'd like to, those might not matter. However, that might not happen until Thanksgiving or later, depending on when I get some time to myself. Right now I'm satisfied with it being functional, I believe, and stylish and snazzy can come later.

Speaking of site appearances, I like yours -- it's unique, and and I like your use of graphics without sacrificing content.

> I can't speak for everyone, but my life got a lot
> saner a couple of years after graduation. I did get
> caught up on a lot of the things I'd wanted to do.
> There's hope.

--I've heard a couple of horror stories from graudated friends, but they were all reporting back from the dot-com trenches. Mostly, folks say life is a little less stressful... which would be nice, given the school-job-job juggling act I've got now. There are things I'd like to do more of, even beyond sleeping, that just aren't feasible right now.

Where did you graduate from?

Also, if I didn't say so earlier, thanks for both your contributions to the site and your suggestions for it. Both are greatly appreciated. (Especially the kerosene comment... eek.)