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From: benjamin williams
Date: 2000 Nov 06
Subj: Hey. Please help !

Hello , my name is Ben from Australia and I visited your site not that long ago - I am interested in infomation upon Japanese travel etc. Please help !

I plan to visit Japan soon to see my girlfriend who is staying in Japan - and I would be gratefull to know a few things.

Is Japan expensive ? (to travel to, eat sleep and drink?) How much money do you think I would require for normal expenses for around 1 or 2 weeks in Japan ?(in Yen or $ estimate)

I replied:
Yes. Travelling to is expensive. Sleeping is expensive. Eating and drinking doesn't have to be expensive, but it can be tricky finding cheap places.

When I was travelling, lodging was about 9000 Yen per night, about 15000 per night in the Tokyo area. I was staying at business hotels. Hostels would have been less expensive. Business hotels aren't always great for travelling couples--some of them have few two-person rooms, or none.

I probably spent about 4000 per day on food, but it varied a lot. I ate at some very cheap places and some very expensive places.

I probably also spent a lot of money on trains and getting admitted to tourist attractions. I don't really remember how much, though.

If you're looking for advice on inexpensive travel in Japan, I recommend the guidebook published by Lonely Planet. When I look on the back of my guidebook, I see they have a price in Australian currency, so you might be able to find their books, uhm, somewhere in Australia.

I am a skateboarder , you article upon the "dogs and the skatepark " caught my eye - are you a skateboarder ? Anyway , do or did you see any other skateparks in Japan , especially around Tokyo ?

I'm not a skateboarder anymore. I didn't see any other skateparks.

Ok , this is all I can think of right now . . . Thankyou for your time and I would really appreciate your reply. Thanks.

I told Mr. Williams to have fun. He replied:

Hey ! Thankyou very much for the infomation ! It hopefully shall come in handy when I eventually travel to Japan.

Oh yeah , I WILL have fun with my girlfriend AND I will keep on skateboarding . . . Thanks !

Ben Williams .