Comment from goro takaoka 2001 Jan 05

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My (Larry's) replies appear like this.

From: goro takaoka
Date: 2001 Jan 05
Subj: thanks for your mail

Mister Takaoka has better foreign language skills than I do. I posted something on the BBS of the Orion candy company (purveyors of candy cigarettes). Though the BBS was in Japanese, I posted in English. But Mister Takaoka sent this email in English, not his native tongue. If only more people were like Mister Takaoka and fewer people were like me, the world would be a better place.

hi lahosken!
how are you doing?
i am goro takaoka of orion. osaka japan
there isn't anyone here who speak engrish very well
i only speak a little engrish.
how are things in san-francisco?
I am happy that you are interested in our product as for me.
I visit your web site.but i don't understand it very well
I am interested about your country.
may i ask you a litte?
what do you do? have you ever been to japan?
looking forward to your reply

mr. goro takaoka

I told Mr. Takaoka that I was a computer programmer who'd been to Japan in 1992 and 2000. I noted that his English was good and asked if he'd lived in America. He replied:

Hi, Mr.. L.A. Hosken
I learn English in an English conversation special school of Nova.

I got around 120 times lessons heretofore's very difficult for me

he is my teacher. his name is will. he is an American.

his favorite song is old rock

I have gone to Hawaii on a honeymoon 13 years ago.but I haven't been to the American Continent.

why have you been in japan? by by

from goro takaoka

I said I'd gone to Japan to visit friends, and there the matter rested.