Comment from Leonard F. Reuter 2001 Feb 08

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From: Leonard F. Reuter
Date: 2001 Feb 08
Subj: Thatcher

Stumbled across your website looking for dirt on David Thatcher. What do you think about the Critical Path fiasco? Do you think it possible that Thatcher could have been part of a deliberate misrepresentation of earnings? I know you would have no real knowledge, I just wanted to know if this was the kind of thing he might be capable of based on your experience with him at Geoworks.

A few years later, Jon pointed me at this article: Former execs of SF's Critical Path software company sentenced

The gist: David Thatcher pled guilty to conspiring to commit securities fraud by lying about Critical Path's revenues a while back. On January 14, 2004, he was sentenced to a year in prison.