Comment from Dan Hosken 2001 Feb 22

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Dan Hosken sent in this comment.

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From: Dan Hosken
Date: 2001 Feb 22
Subj: Departures: Loudon, TN (1998)

Did a search on Betsy Houghton and came up with your post of her picture of TN. Skipped to Departures and vaguely recalled having read it. Corrections/comments follow.

The pictured lightning struck tree didn't die.

The page used to say the tree was dead, before uncle Dan corrected me.
It flourishes. Don't know why. We guess that our yard/house has been hit by lightning 3 times in the 4 years we've lived here. Our guess is based on the premature demise of various electrical devices, later commented upon by repairmen as "lightning got it". Is this frequency due to the tall trees or the tall metal structures?

More importantly, your bookstore comments seem far off the mark. Knoxville has at least one Borders and one Barnes & Noble, 2 B Daltons, 2 Waldenbooks plus another 20 + independents. Failure to see a bookstore while visiting might be attributed to failure to look in the Yellow Pages or otherwise ask.

Knoxville is home to University of Tennessee. Where do you suppose all those football players and their fans get their reading material? :)

Dan Hosken, near Knoxville, Tennessee, USA