Comment from Rob Shields 2001 Jun 30

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Rob Shields sent in this comment.

My (Larry's) replies appear like this.

From: Rob Shields
Date: 2001 Jun 30
Subj: dickhead?

I was searching the web for the string 'you're a dickhead' and, interestingly, your page came up first in all search engines. I assume that you are from the US (judging by the email address) but the term 'dickhead' is most widely used in england - more so than in the US. I think we have a case of net induced globalisation here.

Nice hair, by the way :-)

Later that day, he wrote:

I love the poem about winzip - very original concept :-)

When I first set up these web pages, I didn't dream that I could achieve the honor of being the web's most widely-acknowledged dickhead. Do I get a trophy? Do I even want to see the trophy?