Comment from Matthew Ryan 2001 Jul 27

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Matthew Ryan sent in this comment.

My (Larry's) replies appear like this.

From: Matthew Ryan
Date: 2001 Jul 27
Subj: St. Louis comments

As a St. Louisan, I found your comments on St. Louis interesting (and I thought I'd point out that the picture of the bridge you have, the one whose color you liked, is if I'm not mistaken the Eads Bridge, although I'd check that with your friends at SLU).

And I have a picture that I took from the Arch that you're more than welcome to use if you'd like, provided that appropriate credit is provided. (And either way, you're more than welcome to look at it to see what you missed by not going up in the Arch).. it's at

Anyway, I hope you get the chance to visit St. Louis again sometime.

Best wishes,
Matt "umrguy" Ryan

Here's Mr. Ryan's picture that he took from the Arch. It's a good photo, isn't it? Notice how clearly you can see some of the lawns of downtown St. Louis. (Note: the pictured lawns are part of Memorial Park. They aren't abandoned lots. Those are elsewhere.)

[Photo: view of downtown St Louis from the StL arch by Matthew Ryan]