Comment from Oliver Studer 2001 Sep 11

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Oliver Studer sent in this comment.

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From: Oliver Studer
Date: 2001 Sep 11
Subj: your page

i really enjoyed reading your japan-trip-log. i'm planning to do a trip there somewhen during the next 6 months or so.. ;-)

really nice log.

well.. hope you're well and bush gets wiped out asap. :-)

greets outta rainy switzerland


It's nice to live in a superpower nation. When the people of Luxemborg have a venal and stupid national leader, do they get condolence letters from people in other nations? No, because non-Luxemborgians couldn't care less. But when the USA's leader is venal and stupid, lots of people care.
Oliver, having read my above comment, clarified:

Well it's like you give a baby the power to destroy the world with a finger-tip. that's what makes me scary. you know.. the leader of luxembourg doesn't has this much power, nor leaders of switzerland (even whole europe..) do. but your leader is in fact the most powerful (and most stupid, imho, sorry if i hurt your feelings ;)) leader of the world!

so why shouldn't i care more about him than about a little ant in luxembourg? "Fear the bear, the ant can't hurt you.."

no i'm not paranoid, just watching the world getting mad from an objective perpective.