Comment from Loki 2001 Dec 08

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Loki sent in this comment.

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From: Loki
Date: 2001 Dec 08
Subj: odd

looking for a reference to the blade runner quote concerning attack ships on fire, which i was using as a sample on this past summer tour with ohGr ( ), i instead came across the revCo reference on your web site.. then i navigated to the home page -- saw your picture, thought 'hmmm, i recognize him - isn't that the guy living a couple door down the hallway?', then my eyes did the big 7 degree shift and saw the address to confirm..

odd.. wouldn't have thought you'd heard of revCo... (though the wife apparently would have (though she also thought you worked at ucsf: net score == 0))...

anyway, bored some time? we should chat about nothing, or commonality.

(the one wearing the arctic parka or the kmfdm parka)

When people ask me about where I live, I say that it's a tiny apartment in a building full of med students. But apparently they're not all med students: there's this Loki computer-geek-industrial-musician guy. Does this mean I have to stop talking about the times I've seen "Anaethesia and Analgesia Monthly" and catalogs promising "The Latest in Catheters" down in the mailroom?