Comment from Ricardo Silva 2002 Jan 06

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Ricardo Silva sent in this comment.

My (Larry's) replies appear like this.

From: Ricardo Silva
Date: 2002 Jan 06
Subj: Nokia 9110

I'm Tired to find Nokia 9110 SDK, i have the phone and i ana create some appz, can you help me?

I wrote back, confessing ignorance.

So who do you have some interest in Geos (Documentation), and not have the SDK explain me? please.

I explained that these were samples of my technical writing. Since this guy's mail name was "Download Man," maybe I should have claimed to be on the cutting edge of warezing: pirated documentation. I doubt he would have fallen for it, though. (Later that year, observant reader Laurent Dupuy pointed out a place to get the Nokia 9110 SDK.)