Comment from Sarah Wu 2002 Feb 01

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From: Sarah Wu
Date: 2002 Feb 01

Hey, I know you probably don't know me, but I'm from Taiwan, and there's so much mintia there I got addicted during three weeks. I've been looking for them ever since; I've written the pres. of the company, I've written about a million places; searching. Is there any way you could give me the address of that store from which you bought Mintia? Did they have peach or Lychee flavor? Is there any way you could double-check? I'm willing to buy Mintia from you, and pay for the shipping and handling, if there is peach or Lychee.


Sarah Wu

If only I'd noticed the name of the place where I bought that Mintia, I could have made big money. And I was unemployed when I got this email, too. Money would have been nice. O, another opportunity wasted due to my sloppy travelling habits!