Comment from Liane 2002 Feb 26

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Liane sent in this comment.

My (Larry's) replies appear like this.

From: Liane
Date: 2002 Feb 26
Subj: maybe lighten the mood with your poem elsewhere...

Okay, so what did she send me? She sent me a link to a "Religion and Ethics BBS". If you don't want to go hunting around in there to find my poem in there (you don't), I'll extract the relevant parts here:
stanibol [Liane]:
definitely time for a frivolous poem

I liked the first one better
How about you? "...there's a whole world goin' on underground.
Thanks for the poems.
Peace and Love.

yeah, i reckon the 2nd poem is the one
that a fundie wrote...
oh i'm a shocker tonight. BANG, I'm outta here.
plur to you all
I guess I'm a fundamentalist.