Comment from Heather Hanly 2002 Jun 03

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From: Heather Hanly
Date: 2002 Jun 03
Subj: st. louis food

Good news for St. Louis. I just got back from visiting my sister all of last week.

The woman who used to run Shu Feng has opened a new restaurant in the same strip mall. The food is just like the old Shu Feng. Tell your St. Louis friends! It was delicious.

Shu Feng is open once again, but with new owners. The food is okay, but not nearly as excellent as before.

In Soo Restaurant
8423 Olive Blvd.
St. Louis


The card says they serve "Oriental Food". Hmm. Not sure what they mean exactly but it's damn tasty.

I see you went back to St. Louis in March and went to the City Museum. I went for the first time two Decembers ago. I loved it!

It's funny you took the pic of the ugly Natural Sport shoe boxes in the shoe room. Nope, I didn't design that box (yuck) -- but that is where I worked, Brown Shoe.

It's too bad that Heather's portfolio isn't online anymore. She had some good-looking shoebox designs.