Comment from Merilly Maddux 2002 Jun 17

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From: Merilly Maddux
Date: 2002 Jun 17
Subj: comment from Brazil

Hi!! do you have the address for the Hosken in Brazil? I wrote to him over 4 years ago, and lost touch when we quit using the web for awhile. I am Merilly Hosken, and was glad to find out I had a distant relative in Brazil, and would like to get back in touch with him.

And you?? Are we related too? My grandmother swears that all Hosken's are related, since few of us still spell it that way. Are you from a hispanic origin? I grew up in Mexico, and wondered if you were from Mexico too, or maybe your parents just like the name Luis Eduardo! Never know, I married a guy from Brazil, and we made up one of our kids' name, so you can't always tell, right?

I'd like to hear from you, see if we can figure out whose great uncle married whose great gramma or whatever! Take care, and thanx.

If my last name was "Chan," I'd get mail like this every day.