Comment from Bryan Dunbar 2002 Aug 26

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Bryan Dunbar sent in this comment.

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From: Bryan Dunbar
Date: 2002 Aug 26
Subj: Glaswegian hangover

I just typed in TYSka orchestra and it sent me here.

I like the groovy homepage cover. I like the comments page being fresh. will inspect site. summary to follow.

I am in a quiet sidestreet in Manchester Uk, inbetween the hangover and the kids making a racket on the street outside. A great place to be.

Later on, he wrote again:

So, well done for nearing of books you've read and their plots. like the sound of those welding shop diaries. Not enough books about shopfloor chaos. (There was a BBC tv-only film from the 70s starring Billy Connelly, it was called Elephant's Graveyard and featured two guys forgoing shifts in the shipyards to go drinking cheap wine in a nearby glen. Baffle an old Scot with this, should you meet one)

Tokio huh? (Are you there now, or in SF? RTFM, I suppose) Never been. Must find wealthy racey Japanese woman. (er, Yoko, fancy a date?)

Only left the UK 4 times in my life. Paris. Amsterdam. Barcelona. (Bit of a city theme there) and Nu Zillun's South Island. Does four hours in old Hong Kong airport count? I spent a while working in Manchester's Chinese quarter as a carpark grunt. Very very funny times, usually in broken English.

I used to hang about sometimes in Oxford, initially with an optemitrist(?) chick, 84-, The best time to visit the college exteriors/cloisters was very +early morn. Hauntingly beautiful. Especially after a night dodging downtown beer monsters +and Italian school parties.

Aaah. Back to the here and now. Between McJobs. Just finished on Commonwealth +Games. 72 nations. What a hoot. Especially the woman who sculpted a table sized replica of the stadium made from chocolate. Ho-hum. Gee, grandad, what did you do in the infoglut wars? I knew when to stop, son. Sometimes.

You notice how he says he "only" left his home country a few times--but it's about as many times as I've left my home country?