Comment from Tanya 2002 Nov 25

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Tanya sent in this comment.

My (Larry's) replies appear like this.

From: Tanya
Date: 2002 Nov 25
Subj: Special Request

I run an online casino web site (online pharmacy), and I was wondering if you are interested in linking to my site for some cash. I can pay you $12.00 per month for 1 keyword text link at the bottom of your first page, or $20.00 per month for two links.

Let me know if you are interested so that I can send you the payment and info right away.

Thanks, Tanya

I was really curious to know what it's like to run "an online casino web site (online pharmacy)". It's a casino and it's a pharmacy? I pictured a giant roulette wheel, its wedges filled with unidentified medication. Sick people (too lazy to get diagnoses and prescriptions) could use a simple web interface to spin the wheel to order a random cure.

When I asked Tanya how that worked, though, it turned out that they were two separate businesses:

We run both an online casino and an online pharmacy. We would like to put a 2-3 keyword text links for each site. This is how I would like the links to appear on your site. The titles on the top would link to the URL's listed below.

Order Viagra Online (hyperlinks to:

Online Gambling Casino (hyperlinks to:

We can send your payment via Paypal or check, whichever you prefer. If you are still interested please place the links at the bottom of your first page & send us your information according to your choice of payment. Our purpose in doing this is just to do some small advertisements.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks Tanya

So the pharmacy and the casino were separate businesses. That was disappointing. My ideas had been much more interesting.

I was curious to know what kinds of sites were linking to and , so I did some googling.

The weird thing was that there were lots of Pennsylvania political sites linking to . Apparently, it had once been the home of the Pennsylvania Consumer Action Network and had been a planning site for protests against the 2000 Republican National Convention in Philadelphia.

Anyhow, now it sells viagra.

I know what you're thinking: what a great set-up for sending out some funny email! People are sick of comedians making viagra jokes. That's because viagra jokes are SO EASY.

  Subject: I suggest un-linking

  The page links 
  to .  I think that page once was 
  about protesting the 2000 Republican National Convention.

  But now it sells viagra.  
  Probably that's not what you had in mind by "empowerment".
  Subject: I suggest un-linking

  The sites and link as an "R2K mobilization link".

  I guess it was once an Republican National Convention protest site, but now sells viagra.  That 
  probably isn't the kind of "mobilization" you had in mind.


I sent off a few more pieces of mail along those lines. I should thank "Tanya" for giving me an excuse to have so much fun. But I don't think I will. She might take it the wrong way.