Comment from Richard Huxley 2002 Dec 18

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Richard Huxley sent in this comment.

My (Larry's) replies appear like this.

From: Richard Huxley
Date: 2002 Dec 18
Subj: To spitfire

Well due to your vast knowledge of Japanese music, one might think you had an opinion worth noting with regard to The Blue Hearts. However, since you seem to be unaware (by comparison) of The Blue Hearts' place historically, it is hard to take you seriously when you advise people to go to their local (i.e. American) music store.

This is not a flame - just a bit harsh in utterance

Just another (Toshiba)EMI advocate are you? you know which label The Blue Hearts are on? Blue Hearts have (punk-) rocked since mid-80's

Chill brother

Though the subject made me think that Mr. Huxley was taking issue with Spitfire1k's mail about Hi-Standard, he seemed to be talking about my review of Hi-Standard. When I mailed him to ask for clarification, he said that he'd been confused about who wrote what:

Sorry if I misunderstood who was talking about what. Indeed I was only talking about The Blue Hearts. For anyone interested in Japanese Punk, The Blue Hearts are a little mainstream - their second album is excellent though. The Blue Hearts have split up now, though the two singers are in another outfit.

No need really to forward information to anyone/Spitfire1k who wasn't talking about The Blue Hearts.

Maybe I should figure out a better layout for my review pages and these comment pages. I list the labels of the Blue Hearts records I've picked up, but that seems to have eluded Mr. Huxley. Any suggestions?