Comment from Jeanne Eicks 2003 Jan 06

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From: Jeanne Eicks
Date: 2003 Jan 06
Subj: St Louisian living in Vermont

Well... As a grad of Wash-U, I have to say that you missed the beauty of the place. Before you judge, you should check out Graham Chapel and the buildings of the quad. It takes time to learn a place well enough to know its "secrets" and obviously you missed them. Wash-U's buildings are from the 1904 world's fair and an even older Seminary. Did you go to Forest Park? See the Art Museum? The Jewel Box? Hear a concert or opera at Powell Hall, Riverport or the Muny (home of the free seats for major Broadway productions!)? Did you visit the Science Center? The best art galleries are in Clayton and Ladue.

St. Louis has a great deal of culture, but it is spread out. You have to look for the fun. I really recommend that you find a couple of NATIVE Saint Louisians to take you around the city. It is a cool place.


You noticed how she teased me for missing Wash U's beauty, but didn't tell me where is hidden? These WUStLers keep their secrets well.