Comment from William W. Johnson, M.D. 2003 Apr 06

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From: William W. Johnson, M.D.
Date: 2003 Apr 06
Subj: Dr. hubertus strughold

i came across your quotes about the record of dr. strughold relating to the new mexico space museum. As one of his pupils in flight surgeon's school in 1958 i feel compelled to say that he was the best professor we had, a quiet thoughtful man. i still remember the day he wrote on the chalkboard the remaining 6 or 8 problems to be solved before man could go into space.

obviously the anti-defamation league has done a lot of research on him, but i wonder how much was guilt by "just being there."

I have a lot of respect for your intellect. I think I came across your name regarding freecell. (and read your cv)

William W. Johnson, M.D., retired

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