Comment from Noah Assareh 2003 Apr 29

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Noah Assareh sent in this comment.

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From: Noah Assareh
Date: 2003 Apr 29
Subj: The Big STL

It sounds to me like you did your best to avoid the great areas of St. Louis & did a lot of "vacationing" in questionable areas. That's like me going to San Francisco, seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, riding a street car, taking a long walk through the slums of the city while being annoyed with all of the homeless people in downtown SF, and then complaining about food when I obviously didn't choose a good restaurant to begin with. Don't get me wrong: San Francisco is a decent city, but comparing it to New York? Give me a break. America's older cities like St. Louis, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and New York have a longer history than SF does<<<Look it up. St. Louis was the 4th largest city in the United States at the turn of the 20th Century and boasts some of the greatest architecture in the United States from that time period. It amuses me that you didn't even visit downtown Clayton, Forest Park, the Botanical Gardens, the St. Louis History Museum, or other interesting St. Louis area places like the Great River Road that highlights the Mississippi River. And by the way, I've been to almost every one of the 50 largest cities in the United States, including San Francisco, so I know a good deal about what I'm talking about.


If Noah wrote web pages about his travels, he'd probably be amused at the mail he got from people who mis-read those pages and sent flames.